We are Evolve

We bring a total lifestyle approach to everything we do

Evolve is a next-generation wellness company that incorporates modern day conceptions and ideologies based around health and wellbeing. Our team of experts will take pride in improving your quality of life or company wellness culture.

Through our top-notch team we deliver specialised training services ranging from fitness and nutrition to exercise rehabilitation and mindfulness. Your wellness development will be facilitated by people that want to understand you in order to deliver training and solutions that will empower you.

We have a solid base of talent in house with access to a network of strong business partners providing diversity in our offering and depth and experience in related areas of our core services. This diversity means whatever service we deliver for you, it will be an enjoyable experience and you get value for money and more than you expect.

Being equally committed to developing each and every client we encounter, from companies to you the individual, we deliver a seamless service from one-to-one personal training sessions and group classes to food and fitness related entertainment at events.

For maximum wellness Evolve's ideology is based on a 'total lifestyle' approach focusing on the mind, body and soul in order to keep you focused on what's important in life. We believe that wellness is the foundation of thought and to be truly constructive in life you must first arm yourself with inner strength.

Ultimately, we look to lead our clients through an evolution in Mind, Body and Soul. We hope you will join us on this glorious journey.

Our team

  • Haitham Khalid

    (wellness, fitness, nutrition)
  • Sean Khalid

    Managing Director
  • Cameron Black

    (wellness, fitness, nutrition)
  • Rowad Ehlela

    (wellness, fitness, nutrition)
  • Sohel Samnani

    Personal trainer & fitness nutritionist
  • Karine Hajjar

    Fitness & nutrition specialist
  • Ismail Mohamed

    Conditioning, nutrition & Olympic weight-lifting
  • Alexandros Vlachos

    Muay Thai & Boxing coach
  • Yasmae Turpijn

    Yogi / Rehabilitation therapist
  • Sarah Meanwell

    Sports conditioning & Rehab specialist
  • Adam Khalid

    Personal trainer
  • Flavio Rodriguez

    Personal trainer
  • Sahel Mahmood

    Office manager / Accountant

Our clients & partners